Wedding Rentals & Services

Planning a wedding in the Regina area?

Zadack Holdings offers a number of other services and rentals. Wedding Rentals and Wedding Services including:

  • Wedding Venue Rental
  • Wedding Shuttle Service
  • Silverware & Napkins
  • Accent Lighting
  • Table Cloths
  • Chair Covers
  • Table Runners
  • SlideShow Services
  • Wedding Catering

Additional Wedding Rental Items

Please review the items below and let us know which you would like to add to your package.
Service Package

Wedding Service Package

Pricing: $2500 plus GST

The Service Package Option is available for all weekends except for the August Long Weekend. The charge for the Service Package remains the same – regardless of your guest count.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals

Shuttle Service

Wedding Shuttle Transport Service

$400 dollar minimum charge

– Includes four hours of service
– Additional time is $85 dollars per hour

Please review our Transport Services for more information.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals


Wedding Silverware Package

$0.75 cents per setting (dinner fork and knife)

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals

Special Lighting

Wedding Accent Lighting Package


Our accent lighting package can make a HUGE difference to the overall ambiance of your main reception hall. A total of 16 light bars are used to highlight the ceiling (dome) area at the front of the main hall (over the dance floor, and head table areas). Our lightbox allows
you to select from several different color choices.

Included in the lighting package are six uplites as well. Our uplites are available in a large array of color choices and are a perfect complement to the lighting package.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals

Satin Table Runners

Wedding Table Runners

$5 dollars per runner
Color Choices: Black, Blue, Red & Hot Pink
All table runners will be pressed by Zadack Staff. If you are also renting our black tablecloths, then the runners will be placed on Guest and Head Tables by Zadack.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals


Wedding Chair Covers

Spandex Chair Covers

  • $1.50 per chair cover (If the renter is putting the chair covers on themselves)
  • $2.50 per chair cover (if you require ZADACK Staff to cover the chair)

Choices of: White Spandex / Black Spandex / or Black Rouged Spandex
Price includes the teardown of chair covers by ZADACK Staff.

Free of Charge

Our spandex sashes are included FREE OF CHARGE when renting our chair covers.

Sash colour choices are Black, White, Purple, Turquoise, Jade, and Eggplant.

We also have decorative rhinestone buckles for rent, priced at $0.50 cents per buckle.  Sash-buckle tear-down is done by Zadack staff / Sash-buckle setup is the renter’s responsibility.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals

Black Tablecloths

Wedding Tablecloths

Black Tablecloths

  • $8 dollars per tablecloth
  • All tablecloths will be pressed and placed on Guest and Head Tables by Zadack.

Full Fitted Black or White Spandex Tablecloths

  • $7 dollars per tablecloth
  • Our full fitted spandex tablecloths create a modern look, as opposed to traditional. They enclose all four sides of the table, from top to bottom – and work great to highlight special tables. We carry 15 of these tablecloths in black, and 15 in white (5 of them fit on our four-foot tables / 5 fit on our six-foot tables / and 5 fit on our eight-foot tables).

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals


Wedding Slideshow Package


Our data projector and an electric viewing screen (with remote) is permanently mounted at the back of the Main Reception hall. Our package also includes an HDMI laptop and connection cords.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals


Wedding Napkin Package

$0.50 cents per napkin for black
$1 dollar per napkin for white

All napkins will be pressed by Zadack
Renters will be responsible to place them on tables as desired.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals


Wedding Catering Package

You are more than welcome to bring any caterer you wish.

Zadack does not provide catering services at this time.

Add 5% GST to all Services & Rentals