Wedding FAQ’s

Do we need to have a minimum guest count in order to book your venue?

Not at all! We’ve hosted many weddings here with smaller guest counts (60 to 90 guests). Guest tables can be set up to “fill up” the space, making it look like your wedding is larger. In addition to this, other things can be set up in the back of the main hall, to make the space look more full. For example, a kids station, cake and cupcake table, candy bar, photo table, etc.

How many guests can you accommodate?

For wedding events, your maximum invited guest count can be up to 270 people. The maximum rated capacity for our facilities is 300,

HOWEVER, this rating is to include ALL people that will be on premises: the Bridal Party, Officiant, DJ’s, Bartenders, Ticket Seller, Catering Staff, Service Staff, Photo Booth operators and other such vendors,  Photographers, Videographers, Limo and Transport Drivers, Zadack facility personnel and so forth. So please ensure that your maximum invited guest count does not exceed 270 people.

Do you provide all tables and chairs?

We certainly do! We also supply any additional tables which may be required for your event (ie: guest book, buffet, cake, coffee, etc.). All tables that we provide are rectangular – the majority of our tables are 8 footers, but we also have some 6 foot, and some 4 foot tables available as well. Our indoor chairs are black and charcoal, with padded seats and backs. We have 250 outdoor chairs as well (white resin style, with a lattice pattern on the back), for outdoor ceremonies.

For Head Table seating, we have 14 high back white leather chairs.

How many washrooms do you have?

Our ladies washroom provides three wash sinks, and five closet stalls – of which two are “family size”, complete with change tables. Our mens washroom provides two wash sinks, three urinals, and one closet stall. We have two wheelchair accessible washrooms on site – one for the men, and one for the ladies. These washrooms also contain our showers.

Does your facility have a bar?

Yes, our facility has a full bar – equipped with: a large standup cooler, freezer, stainless steel double sink, work counter, two way sliding bar window, and shelving.

Is there an outdoor ceremony area?

We have a lovely area for outdoor ceremonies – with flower gardens, pillars, and paved stone walkway.

Are we allowed to bring in our own caterers?

You are more than welcome to bring in any caterer you like (Please note, Zadack Holdings does not provide catering services at this time)

What is your kitchen equipped with?

Our kitchen area includes: a large stand up cooler, deep freeze, stove, two microwaves, two double sinks, two work tables, and a large work island. We also have serving bowls, serving platters, pots and pans, roasters, crock-pots, coffee makers and slow cookers. Our kitchen is also equipped with dish towels, dish rags, garbage bags, paper towels, dish soap, cleaning agents, and so forth.

Our kitchen area is NOT meant to accommodate for full course meal preparations or re-heating of such, when it comes to your wedding supper. Making a FEW items on the spot, or re-heating PARTS of your meal is fine – but by and large, the brunt of your meal should be prepared off site by your caterer. Our kitchen facilities are a nice compliment to the needs of your caterer, but should NOT be considered the main “headquarters” for the preparation and / or heating, of your wedding supper.

Do you rent silverware, plates, and wine glasses?

We have silverware for rent, at a cost of $0.50 cents per setting (knife and fork). Our silverware is a patterned, stainless steel. Plates and wine glasses would need to be brought in by the RENTER (or your caterer), as Zadack does NOT carry any plates or glasswares.

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes – alcohol is allowed, providing the customer obtains a liquor permit. The permit must be clearly posted in the bar area, and serving times on said permit must be adhered to. Beer bottles and other glass holding containers are NOT allowed – you must purchase your beer and coolers in tin or plastic. The ONLY glass holding containers that are allowed are wine bottles for guest and head tables, or liquor bottles that STAY in the bar room.

Can we have dancing at our event?

Our large hall can certainly accommodate for dancing. Depending on the size of your event, some tables and chairs may have to be removed after the reception to allow ample room for your guests to dance the night away!

Can we put up decorations?

Free standing decorations are acceptable. The use of “sticky” tape is also acceptable. We do NOT allow any nails, screws, tacks, or tape, to be used ANYWHERE on the walls or ceilings. The use of tinsel, table sparkles, and confetti are strictly prohibited.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?


Are there things for our guests to do?

You bet! Our indoor games room includes: a pool table, shuffleboard table, beer pong table, ping pong table and Foosball- table, as well as a 52 inch large screen TV with satellite and Wii system.

Do you have a firepit or barbeques on site?

Yes to both! We have a firepit on site, as well as 20 roasting sticks – firewood is provided free of charge. We also have two large barbeques, and all necessary utensils (ie flippers, tongs, etc.)

Is your facility smoking or non-smoking?

Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere indoors. Smoking is ONLY permitted outdoors. We strongly encourage the renter to make an announcement to their guests – ensuring that butts are being discarded in the receptacles provided throughout the property (as it is the renter who is responsible for such clean up.)

Who cleans up the premises after our event – the renter, or Zadack Holdings?

Zadack will take down, wash, and put away all indoor tables and chairs related to your event / sweep, mop, and polish all floors / clean and sanitize all washroom areas / wash all walls and doors / clean all glass / wash all cupboards, counter-tops, sinks, shelving, games, stools, etc. / and wash all garbage and recycle receptacles.

The renters also have their part to do as well – we provide a “checklist on departure” which needs to be completed by all renters before they vacate the premises on Sunday.

Can we have fireworks at our event?

Our apologies, but due to liability issues – we do not allow for fireworks anywhere on our property.

What rentals or services does Zadack offer?

Zadack offers a variety of services and rental items, such as:  traditional tablecloths  / full fitted spandex tablecloths / napkins / chair covers / table runners / sashes / rhinestone buckles / colored lighting bar package / portable up-lites / slide show package / silverware / staff service package / and transport shuttle services.  For more details and information on these services and rentals – please visit Wedding Rentals.

Do you supply a sound system?

We have a great sound system on site – one for indoors, and one for outdoors.  Our system is equipped with a Cd player, as well as auxiliary input (allowing you to connect your phone, ipod, or laptop).  Our speakers are located throughout the entire indoor facility; we also have outdoor speakers which can be used for ceremony purposes (only).  Our outdoor microphones are corded, and our indoor microphones are wireless