Optional Service Package Add On

Pricing: $2700 plus GST

The Service Package Option is available for all weekends except for the August Long Weekend. The charge for the Service Package remains the same – regardless of your guest count.

Corkage will include:

  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, 7-UP or Sprite, Ginger ale, Root Beer, Club Soda
  • Orange juice, Clamato juice, Cranberry juice,  Iced tea, Milk
  • All ice, Straws, Two sizes of beverage cups, Sliced limes, Celery for Caesars, Seasonings, Lime Juice (squeeze bottle, not bar lime)
  • Coffee and Coffee Cups, Tea, Hot Water, Sweetener, Sugar, Stir Stix


Wedding Day Service Package Includes | CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • Provide a parking attendant to direct parking on guest arrival.
  • Greet and open doors for guests, and let them know where the ceremony area and washrooms are located.
  • Ensure all corkage is out and ready to go one hour prior to guest arrival – so guests can enjoy a refreshment when they first enter the facility.
  • Assist your officiant with such things as: stand adjustment, mic operation and final sound check, document signing table, which doors the Bridal party will be coming out, answer any questions they may have, and provide them with any assistance they may require before the service begins.
  • If the ceremony is being held outdoors: set up and take down all guest chairs, outdoor speakers, microphones and sound equipment, set up and situate the signing table, mic stands, and so forth.
  • Provide the Bridal Party and family with any assistance they may be needing before the ceremony begins.
  • Round up guests to take their seat, to ensure everyone is ready and seated before the processional begins.
  • Co-ordinate the Processional: IE: lining up members of the Bridal party in the proper order, giving them a cue them on when to proceed, operate all music selections and fade outs required throughout the ceremony, and so forth.
  • When the Ceremony begins – perform any duties that may be requested: for example – bringing out bottles of wine and placing them on guest and head tables, bringing out any munchies or snacks, setting or adjusting all lights as per the couples wishes, lighting all candles if applicable, and so forth.
  • Ensure the bar pre-pour is completed prior to bar opening.
  • Ensure the ticket seller is ready and equipped with everything they’ll need when ticket sales begin.
  • (Zadack will provide a ticket seller for when your bar first opens – for approximately two hours, until supper service preparations begin. Zadack will also provide the bar tickets as well).
  • Ensure the bartenders are filled in with all the information they will need to know – as per your requests – prior to opening the bar; show the bartenders where all pertinent bar supplies are kept.
  • Set out and replenish any food items throughout the day and evening, as per your requests – and ensure those tables stay neat and tidy and replenished with any extras (for example – chips and munchies and popcorn / veggie, meat, cheese, and daintee trays / wedding cake and cupcakes / late lunch, / and so forth). Ensure all related items such as condiments, plate ware, and napkins etc. are set out and replenished as well.
  • Set out cold water pitchers on all guest and head tables during your cocktail hour, so everyone has water at their table for supper time.
  • Continuous replenishing, wipe down, and maintenance, of all of Zadacks corkage supplies and beverages.
  • Continuous cleaning and maintenance of all washroom areas throughout the facility – including disposal of diaper bags and other “debris” – and replenish all supplies as needed.
  • Turn on / adjust / change / all lighting requests throughout the day and evening, as per the couples wishes (IE: side lights – dimmers – accent lighting – spot lights – up-lites, etc.).
  • Control all fans, heating, and cooling units, throughout the facility as is needed throughout the day and evening.
  • Fill your chilled bus tubs with whatever drink selections you’ve chosen (as discussed at our meeting), and transport those tubs behind your head tables. Place whatever bottles or beverages you might also want ON your Head Tables. Make sure Head Tables are looking sharp, curtains behind are straightened, and everything is in good order and ready for your Grand Entrance.
  • Co-ordinate the Grand Entrance with the Bridal Party, emcee, DJ, and Caterers, for example: ensure the mic and sound levels are ready and appropriate for when the emcee takes to the podium, make sure the DJ is ready at their controls to play the entry song and advise them of the cue to begin the song, line up the Bridal Party and assist them with anything they may need before their entrance into the hall, round up all guests from indoors and out to take their seat so everyone is in the Main Hall and seated just prior to the Grand Entrance, ensure caterers food will be ready to go once the emcee is finished with housekeeping announcements, and so forth.
  • Co-ordinate and set up all buffet tables for supper service, cover with linens if provided, assist the caterers in setting out the food, answer any questions the caterer may have, and accommodate their requests for any equipment or supplies they may require from Zadack.
  • Clear all plates, napkins, and cutlery, from guest and head tables throughout supper.
  • Check on Head Tables throughout supper service to ensure Bridal Party has everything they need.
  • If caterers are leaving the leftovers for the family – transport the leftovers to our kitchen, place leftovers in family supplied containers, and refrigerate.
  • Clean up, wipe down, and put away all buffet and condiment tables after supper service is completed – and clean and sweep any debris in buffet hall.
  • Wash and put away all Zadack dishware that may have been used for supper service.
  • Work with your emcee to ensure all guests are notified as to when the program portion will be starting.
  • Ensure everything needed for the program is ready to go (IE: get our screen down if using our equipment for slide show, ensure lights are turned off then back on when finished, and so forth). One staff member will be seated at the back of the Main Hall throughout the entire program, in case anything should be needed or requested by the emcee.
  • While the program is taking place in the Main Reception hall, our staff will be working on anything that may be required or requested at that time, for example: setting out your cupcakes and or munchies if requested, lighting the fire outdoors if requested and maintaining till we depart, setting out the marshmallows for s’more bar if applicable, working with photo booth operators to ensure they have everything they need (IE: tables for props and or extension cords), and so on.
  • Ensure everything required for cake cutting (if applicable) is out and ready to go (cake cutting set, plates, napkins, and so forth).
  • Once the program is over, Zadack will either “push back”, or do a complete removal of your head table (whichever you’ve requested) , to make more room on the dance floor before the main guest dance gets underway. We will move the podium out of the way, take away the white leather chairs (and white floor flowers if applicable), and will clean the dance floor area to make sure it is ready for the main dance.
  • When the program is over, transport your chilled bus tubs back to the bar room, and let your bartenders know they are to place any unused / unopened beer, coolers, etc., back into the bar cooler.
  • After your cake cutting (if applicable), we will take the cake back to the kitchen, put away any “keepsake” item/s you may be requesting, and will then cut your cake and plate your wedding cake for guests to enjoy, and replenish as is needed throughout.
  • If you are providing a late lunch, we will set up the buffet tables and bring out all of your provided late lunch food items, condiments, napkins, plates, cutlery, and so forth.

Please Note:

Once throughout cocktails, once right after your program, and once just prior to late lunch: Zadack staff will go around to all of your guest tables to take away any empty holding containers, garbage, and other debris.

Please Note:

Staff Services will run until 11pm.

All Zadack Service Staff will vacate the premises no later than 11 pm. If you decide to utilize the Service Package option – you must hire the services of a professional caterer for your wedding supper. If you are not hiring a caterer, and are instead having “friends & family” take care of your supper – then the Service Package is NOT an option.